Charcuterie Roosdaal has existed in the Pajottenland region since 1966. For centuries, this region has been known for its delicious charcuterie. The business is run with passion by ham masters Jan and Jimmy Schadron. We specialise in making high-quality dried and smoked meats including country ham, cobourg and bacon.

This is one of the last authentic remaining smokehouses where hams are still salted by hand.

All our products are crafted using the best raw materials. The cured meats are dry-salted and undergo a natural maturing process which gives them their typical flavour. Our many years of experience guarantee the highest quality!

As we are located in the heart of the Pajottenland region, we are proud to bear the title of 'Ambassador of the Pajottenland region'.

Are you looking for fine charcuterie? Then we will be happy to help you further.

We guarantee a personal approach.

Jan & Jimmy